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Rocommended Reading

Books about Our History

Diary of James W. Carpenter Vol. I & II

By: Donald W. Carpenter

The transcribed diary of J.W. Carpenter, resident of Sombra, Ontario and its Michigan neighbour of Marine City from 1880-1907. A detailed look into everyday life in the area at the turn of the century.

Trinity, History of the Methodist and United Church in Wallaceburg, 1842-1992

By: Evelyn Glendinning and Alan Mann 

Celebrating the sesquicentennial anniversary of the church history led to this in-depth study of Trinity, a task never before attempted. Discover the rich heritage that laid the foundation for Methodist and present United Church of Wallaceburg.

Unlikely Hero, A Dieppe Survivor's Gift of Hope

By: George Kerr and Douglas MacKenzie 

Story of Don Errey, former Wallaceburg resident, who fabricated prosthetics for fellow P.O.W.'s in a German concentration camp during World War II.

Baldoon, Lord Selkirk's Settlement in Upper Canada

By: A.E.D. MacKenzie 

Well-researched and written by Doug Mackenzie, former staffer at U.W.O.'s Office of International Education, this book outlines the history of the ill-fated Baldoon settlement. For more on the Baldoon Settlement in the Exhibits.

Memories, The Tatler and Actiana Years Wallaceburg High School

By: Alan Mann

Excerpts of the Wallaceburg High School yearbooks 1912-1990

The Baldoon Mystery, An Intriguing Story of Witchcraft Near Wallaceburg, Ontario

By: Neil T. McDonald 

A reprint of Neil T. McDonald's original publication. Updated by Alan Mann. More on the Baldoon Settlement in the Exhibits.

Baseball History, A Collection of Short Stories

By: Bill McIntyre

Wallaceburg baseball in the Depression Years, spring training with the Brooklyn Dodgers (1935), and the Detroit Tigers Baseball (1928-1940)

Years of Change, in Chatham and Kent, 1952-1992

By: Win Miller

Definitive history for its subject and time frame. .

War of 1812: Highlighting Native Nations

By: Zig Misiak

This book focuses on Native Nations suring the War of 1812..

55 Years of St. John Ambulance, 1933-1988

By: James V. Platjouw

An in-depth look at the Wallaceburg branch of St. John Ambulance. 28p; b & w photographs.

Wallaceburg Hydro-Electric System 75th Anniversary, 1915-1990

Outlining the history of power generation in Wallaceburg.

Wallaceburg & District Museum: Favourite Recipes of Then & Now

By: Jean Burrows and Roseabelle Kellett

Compiled from family recipes & selected recipes from: Zion United Church, Tupperville; Trinity United Church, Wallaceburg Women's Institute & Knox Presbyterian Church

Wallaceburg, Faces and Places

By: Alan Mann

A picture tour of Wallaceburg's history from the 1930's to the 1970's with images from the Wallaceburg & District Museum, the Mann Historical Files, and Roy Mathany, who covered the World War II years via the Dominion Glass War Services Committee.

No Time for Dreams: A Soldier's Six-Year Journey Through WWII

By: Robert W. Metcalfe and Jan Buchanan-Redden

Follows Bob Metcalfe through his exploits during WW II, through France, Belgium, Britain, North Africa and Italy. "A thoroughly readable, enjoyable and informative book!"