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Education Programs

Bringing history to life for your school

The Wallaceburg Museum has over 85,000 artifacts and several exhibit spaces including the Settler’s Room focusing on the Baldoon Settlement and the Glass Gallery and Industry rooms depicting on the industrial rise of Wallaceburg. Exhibits also include Wallaceburg’s role in WWI and WWII and the invention of the Lee Enfield rifle. Our approach focuses on individual stories and how various events affected life in the community. We welcome field trips to the museum, or our Curator can visit classrooms with a prepared talk on a specific subject geared to the appropriate age group.

Museum Visit:

A field trip to the museum will encourage students to explore our exhibts such as:

  • Baldoon Settlers History Room
  • Historic James Street
  • Industry Room
  • Marine Room
  • Legion Room

The Museum is also home of the Frank Mann Local History Room. This ample resource includes genealogical data, extensive photo collections, newspaper archives and indexed information concerning births, deaths and marriages.

Classroom Session:

 “Museum in a Box” is a 45-minute session with Curator Matthew Weickert, who will bring  museum artifacts that can be handled by the students.

A museum visit is $2 per person. Classroom sessions are a $20 fee for local visits.