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The Glass Gallery

As soon as you walk through our front doors, you’ll see our glass gallery. In it, a collection a various glass objects made right here in Wallaceburg as well as around the world. Our collection ranges from tiny poison bottles to a large oversized champagne bottle. On the wall, you will find a diorama of glassblowers working in a factory to give you a glimpse of what is was like to work in a glass factory. Also in the gallery, you’ll find glass whimsies, little glass creations that glass blowers would make during their time off. 

The Industrial Room

The industrial room is home to the history of Wallaceburg’s large industrial history. In this room, you’ll find baseball gear, water taps, pressure cookers, and other various products and tools that were an important part for Wallaceburg’s industrial success. Wallaceburg was home to many company branches over the years. The list includes Waltec, Dominion Sugar Company, Libbey’s, Heinz, Greenmelk, and Wallaceburg Dairies.  

The Marine Room

The success of Wallaceburg’s industry would not have been possible without the Wallaceburg waterways. Many companies relied on the rivers to transport their goods, and during war time, Wallaceburg operated as a port for navy ships. In this room, you’ll dive into more information of the important history of Wallaceburg’s shipping industry. The marine room is home to models of ships that created here in Wallaceburg, the shaft and prop from the Annette Fraser steamer, and a photo display of local hero John McCallum’s Lake Superior rescue bid.

James Streetscape

Have you ever wondered what James Street, one of Wallaceburg’s busiest streets, looked like back in the 1920’s? Well now you can find out. Our streetscape captures the feeling of walking down a 1920’s version of James Street. You’ll find recreations of local companies and storefronts and get a look into what life was like. You may recognize some of the stores, or discover some unknown shops. Shops like Brander's Drugs and O'Flynn and Burgess General Store can be found in the streetscape. You’ll even find a doctor’s office where you can see some old tools doctors at the time would have used. In 2016, we updated the streetscape to include The Wallaceburg News/Colwell's Book Store and Shaw's Hardware.

Wallaceburg Sports Hall of Fame

The Wallaceburg & District Museum is also home of the Wallaceburg Sports Hall Of Fame. In it, you will find records of every single inductee since the first induction ceremony held in 1982. Also in the hall of fame, you will find sporting equipment once used by some of Wallaceburg’s greatest. 

Classic Toys

In this room, you will find a collection of classic toys. Dolls, teddy bears, toy vehicles, books, board games, and construction toys can be found on display. Some of these items date back to the 1900s. 

The Baldoon Mystery

Here at the Wallaceburg & District Museum you will see actual newspaper clippings documenting the Baldoon Mystery as well as artifacts from the time period and a model of the witch herself. There is even a five minute mystery experience that you'll have to see in person.

Baldoon Pioneer Room

In this room, you will find information on the original settlers to the Wallaceburg area. Learn what life was like for the first settlers from Scotland, and see what kind of fashion, tools, and responsibilities they had. In the room, you will also find a weaving loom that was built in the 1790s.

Legion Room

This room is dedicated to the Canadian Armed Forces. You will find uniforms, equipment, models, and stories from Canada’s efforts overseas during the First and Second World Wars. This exhibit was created with the help of the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 18 members and was completed in spring 2010. Also in this room, you will find the Lee-Enfield Rifle.