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Glass Gallery

Here at the Wallaceburg & District Museum you will see many unique glass pieces created by Wallaceburg men and women.

Baldoon Mystery

Come see actual newspaper clippings documenting the Baldoon Mystery as well as a model of the witch herself!

The Lee-Enfield Rifle

Here at the Wallaceburg & District Museum you will see a variety of Lee-Enfield Rifles.

Industry Room

Here you'll many products from Wallaceburg's industrial age. All the way from water taps to automobiles.

Legion Room

Here at the Wallaceburg & District Museum you will see a Dieppe Replica as well as other WWI and WWII pieces.

Sports Hall Of Fame

Here at the Wallaceburg & District Museum you will see the Wallaceburg Sports Hall of Fame housed in with multiple sporting exhibits having deep roots in the community.

James Street

Come take a walk down memory lane, also known as James Street! Walk through a model of what the busy street looked like back in the year of 1925.

Classic Toys

View our collection of classic toys. We have Dolls, trucks, and board games. Some items date back to the early 1900's.

Marine Room

The Marine Room captures some hidden details about the local shipping industry that was so important to the town. We also have displays dedicated to local boating stories.

Temporary Display

With our Temporary Exhibit, we invide collectors to show of their own historical stories. Currently the exhibit is empty. For more info for collectors who are interested in useing the space, click below.

Research Room

The museum is home to the Frank Mann Research Room. Here you can find a large collection of documents that explain Wallaceburg's history. It is open to the public so anyone can access the information.


Just outise of the museum is The John McGregor Agricultural Parkette. It is home to tools and vehicles which once played a key role in filling Wallaceburg's agricultural needs. It is also nice spot to have a picnic.

Art Gallery

Come see artwork and exhibits produced by local artists and craftsmen, including a school program featuring local students artwork on display and changing on a scheduled monthly rotation.

Jeanne Gordon Theatre

Read the history behind the historical theatre that is above the museum. The  theatre is avalible to rent for a variety of group events. For more info, click below.

Baldoon Pioneers  

Learn about the original settlers of Wallaceburg and area. See what life was like before the large industries set up shop here.

Coming Soon!

We are currently working on adding more exhibits. Progress is going well and we are excited to have the oppertunity to show more!